Features available in Amber SM

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Student Manager

Track your students’ progress through the most comprehensive online database

The core of a complete and integrated system must be a well-designed and efficient client manager. The schools’ primary business is education, and therefore the primary clients are students and parents of young learners. Student Manager is our largest CRM module. Through a high degree of user customisation and a variety of tools, it provides comprehensive management of all your students, including their education portfolios, financial history, personal archives etc.

Enrollment Wizard

Maximize your lead to student conversion

Student enrollments are among the most complex school activities, and at the same time probably the most important one. In addition to providing majority of school’s income, every single enrolled student adds to school’s branding and prestige. How many times has your school lost a potential student due to lack of appropriate enrollment mechanisms? Amber School Manager features full Enrollment Wizard that covers complete enrollment process for every student, from the moment they apply to the moment they are added to the group.


Improve learning outcomes with the most complete teaching/learning manager

ASM includes an innovative teaching/learning manager, which includes a unique set of tools allowing for full digitalization and integration of course-related business processes. Our TLM allows owners, managers, administrators, teachers and students easy access to relevant course-related information, from schedules, grades, attendance, homework and even the distribution of digital learning materials. It is a powerful module designed for the effective organization and execution of your courses.

Admin Wizard

Automate time-consuming administrative processes

An average ASM user has 7.490 student contracts and 6.885 course certificates issued over a threeyear period. Each of these needs to be carefully enumerated and filed, in accordance with both local laws and the school’s administrative policies. These represent just a fraction of paperwork needed to be handled annually, yet paperwork, although one of the most time-consuming operations, is not the only administrative process that can be optimized. The ASM’s Admin Wizard provides significant reduction in operational resources, while at the same time strengthening your institutional organization. Time-saving benefits ensure that your staff is focused on their main business activities, rather than being entangled in bureaucracy.


Improved financial flows, automated invoicing and simplified accounting

For most education professionals, teaching is a passion. However, it is also a business, and running a business requires immaculate financial administration. Finances are the most regulated aspect of any business, and usually the most vulnerable to outside audits. For education providers, financial management has always been a challenge, due to the complex nature of provided services and client distribution.
ASM makes financial management easy and allows fast, simple and error-proof financial reporting.


Make smart decisions!

ASMs extensive set of business reports provides intuitive business analysis and intelligence, allowing for improved decision making and business development. Whether you are evaluating your teachers’ performance and profitability, developing marketing strategies, considering your investment planning, or even writing data driven scientific papers, ASM BizIQ module can give you all the data you need. If you want your business to grow and flourish, an educated guess will simply not be enough. We provide the tools you need to steer your business in the right direction.


An integrated communication platform for secure and organized information exchange

ASM’s exchange platform integrates several different modules for improved communication on all levels. The integrated chat service provides quick and easy communication among individuals or even groups. Chat is accessible to all user accounts, enabling both teacher-to-student and teacher-to-parent communication, as well as communication between staff members.
ASM also features multiple other exchange modules specifically designed for information exchange (such as information about missed lectures or homework, digital content sharing, and much more). All of these were implemented to improve business to client communication. Our exchange module offers new, improved and innovative communication channels, leading to better business-toclient relations, as well as more effective communication within the school hierarchy.

Config Wizard

Personalize your school through ASM

ASM features over 40 different setup categories, with the total of almost 100 configurable items. These allow our clients to turn ASM into a tailored solution aligned with their business practices and philosophy.

Config Wizard allows you to:

Organize courses and course schedules effectively by customizing your own academic year, semesters, school breaks and national holidays

Form your service portfolio by defining your subjects, levels, course books and syllabi

Define your grading scales and exam categories

Use your preferred certificate, contract and invoice counters

Define required document types for your online archive

…and much more!

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